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PKS Collection Method

Since 2009 after establishment of Human Eco, we are visiting each and every one of palm oil mill in Sarawak to deal and negotiate with them about our interest to purchase of PKS. As a result, now Human & Eco is delaing and purchase our PKS from 30 CPO mill. Our main supplier now is already sign a 3 years long term contract with Human Eco.

The Different between Human Eco and other PKS collector is Human Eco is only dealing direct with CPO mill and no broker as middle man working for us. We are visiting from mill to mill to earn more trust and confident level from our supplier.

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Harvesting fruits

CPO Mill and Warehouse

Transportation Procedure

From CPO mill to Human Eco warehouse, we hire more than 10 local transporter to carry our PKS. Daily about 5 of 20-30tons of truck will carrying PKS from mill and send to Human Eco ware house.

Truck unloading PKS at our yard

Truck unloading PKS at our yard

Differences in collection methods

Other company’s collection method


Other PKS export company uses broker.

H&E collection method


H&E buy PKS directly from palm oil mill.


Special warehouse with capacity of 15,000 mt of PKS

Specific Storage Yard for PKS

Human Eco now having special made stock yard for PKS. With the size of 6,000mt square and concrete flooring, it can cater of 15,000mt of PKS in one time. This storage yard is equipped with 3 meter concrete wall to avoid any other foreign material contaminate with PKS and also for the safety reason.

The high purity of PKS

All receiving PKS from the cpo mill sometime having contaminate with some other foreign material. This is happen during the process at CPO mill. However to reduce the foreign material we trained our special staff who are now expert to segregate the foreign material from PKS immediately after receiving. Also to ensure the moisture is follow the customer’s specification, all our PKS will be open and dry to the sun light. During raining all PKS will cover using canvas.

Segregate the foreign material using manual filter

Segregate the foreign material using manual filter

Export of PKS

Human Eco in Bintulu is located nearby or less than 5 minute from Bintulu Port. This is our strong point and our loading process can be conduct in smooth condition. We also appoint fumigator to conduct the fumigation for our export cargo. Human Eco also having export permit for PKS from Malaysia Marine Department. At the moment only Huma Eco having this kind of permit from Malaysia Government.





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